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Here’s a set of 3 commission I was happy to draw for some friends of mine, of their cartoonized selves. I may open some commission spots for works like this when I have a little more free time, if you guys are interested!

It’s awesome when I receive mail from my friends around the world, especially when it has to do with comics! Today I got some great comics, including volumes of GAS3K.3 and GAS3K.4, for which me and Pedro did some work. Thanks for sending them over, Magnus

Quick digital doodle. I’ve been rewatching all of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Here’s a brief look back at some of the stuff I drew last year. I wish I could have drawn more, and I hope 2014 gives me the chance to fill some more pages!

Latest illustration I’ve drawn for Portent, the webcomic I’m working on with Magnus and Pedro Carvalho. This was used on an interlude for the comic.

Follow Portent at

New comic pages will be up soon, so stay tuned to follow the story!

Como ganhei o concurso de desenhos, o fim de semana passado tive a oportunidade de passar um dia nas filmagens do filme do Capitão Falcão. Foi do catano. Preparem-se, porque o filme vai explodir cabeças de tão awesome que vai ser.

Não sabem o que é o Capitão Falcão? Eduquem-se:

Here’s a drawing I did for a competition, recently. It features the main characters from a portuguese movie that’s currently being shot, Capitão Falcão, as mechs.

I was lucky enough to get 1st place in the competition, which means I’ll be able to be on set and watch the movie being shot. Exciting!

You can know more about the movie here:

Here’s the printed advertisement I talked about on a previous post! It was published this week on Comix (a Disney comics magazine), and it features the sort of Nerd Cthulhu I drew to promote the event.

This is promotional spread for a comics and pop culture related event that will take place soon in Porto, Portugal. It’ll be published in different Disney comics in Portugal over the next few weeks.

 I drew that little green dude on the corner.  Details are in portuguese only, sorry!

Tive o prazer de desenhar aquele simpático personagem verde para promover os XI Troféus Central Comics, que vão ser entregues no Central Comics-Con dias 13 e 14 de julho no Hard Club. 

Saibam mais aqui:


This was a special edition of the regular webcomic I draw, A Garagem de Kubrick (wonderfully scripted by my friend J.B. Martins), that we did back in December of 2010.

For this edition, we collaborated with our friend Filipe Melo to pay homage to a movie-loving friend who passed away - João Serra, o Senhor do Adeus.

PS - Keep an eye out for Filipe’s awesome comic, The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy, now available on Amazon.