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Here’s a super quick Tyrion sketch. I need to create a proper drawing of this dude.

It’s #hellboyday! I took a few minutes to draw Hellboy this morning, as a small tribute. We also unearthed our copy of Joh Byrne’s Next Men in order to revisit one of Hellboy’s first appearances.

For your reading pleasure, here are the first 8 pages - the full first chapter - of Portent, the webcomic I’m currently drawing. You may have seen these pages already, since we’re already on Chapter 4, but I hope they’re new to some of you. I hope you enjoy them and that you consider following the comic over at:

The comic is written and lettered by Magnus, drawn by me and has grey tones by Pedro Carvalho.

Hope you dig it! You can also follow us on Facebook:

Quick preview of something I drew today!

Here’s a set of 3 commission I was happy to draw for some friends of mine, of their cartoonized selves. I may open some commission spots for works like this when I have a little more free time, if you guys are interested!

It’s awesome when I receive mail from my friends around the world, especially when it has to do with comics! Today I got some great comics, including volumes of GAS3K.3 and GAS3K.4, for which me and Pedro did some work. Thanks for sending them over, Magnus

Quick digital doodle. I’ve been rewatching all of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Here’s a brief look back at some of the stuff I drew last year. I wish I could have drawn more, and I hope 2014 gives me the chance to fill some more pages!

Portent, now with 100% more giant robots!  For some reason, the picture is showing up with some pixelation, so please fullview to make it pretty.

Keep up with the webcomic:




This movie needs to exist. Seriously, look at it. Look at how awesome it is.

Go throw your money at Kickstarter right now: